Honoring the Buddhist Monks of Myanmar

November 8, 9 & 10, 2007


Spirit of the show: Not for pride, fame or gain but to awaken within us the gifts of compassion and wisdom so that our efforts might benefit all living beings. This we do to honor the monks of Burma  who have inspired this meditative event by their willingness to suffer to liberate their countrymen!


This three day event consisted of:


A gallery exhibition of Buddhist themed art

Performances by:

      The Mike Selesia Jazz Ensemble Songwriter Pieter Moerdyke         

     Acoustic Highway

Over 22 Artists participated.

A 80-foot Mural depicting Burmese monks

wearing red robes.

Altars: For incense, candles, fruit and


A vegetarian meal Saturday


Organized by Bill Redondo: 559 304-9404

or LSCOCRC@att.net .


This was a free and volunteer run event

designed to send goodwill, love and

comfort to our suffering brothers.  Please

come in the spirit of peace, humility and


     Hosted by Love Song Art Shows        

263 N. Cedar Ave. (between Belmont and Tulare) Fresno, CA  93702

Thanks to Channel 26 for their coverage of our event on their 10:00 pm News on 11-8-2007